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Agriculture is Montana’s number one industry. Ric and Jan started their family farm and ranch operation from the ground up. Ric is actively involved in agriculture and understands what it takes to make an operation successful. As a state senator, Ric has fought for agriculture in Helena. Receiving “A” ratings from Farm Organizations on his legislative report card for years, Ric has served as chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee. The Holden’s raise sheep, cattle, corn, alfalfa and small grain crops. Ric firmly believes that in Montana, a healthy agri-business means a healthy Montana economy, and that helps everyone.

Secure Our Border:
It is time to shut down our borders to illegal immigration. Statutes have been ignored as illegal immigrants have flowed freely into our country. This is placing a burden on the American taxpayer and is taking away opportunities for the youth of this country. Ric supports building a wall where possible, immediately deporting criminals and putting an end to harmful sanctuary city polices that hurt both city residents and country people traveling into these cities.

Economy- Inflation- Energy Development:
Taxes are high and the inflation rate can better be defined as the “misery index”. As inflation goes up the price of everything skyrockets to the stars. The first thing we need to do as a nation is become energy independent once again and stop buying expensive oil from overseas. Eastern Montana can lead the way in energy development and job creation. As a country we need to use our natural resources responsibly, like oil, coal, and natural gas. Ric wants to be sure our dedicated labor force can find good paying jobs here in Montana. Ric received an “A” rating from the Montana Chamber of Commerce on his business legislative report card.

Defending The Right To Bear Arms And Montana’s Recreational Background:

Ric has always been a member of the National Rifle Association going clear back to his days as a competitive shooter in high school. He will defend our right to keep arms. Ric strongly believes that our second amendment is our ticket to keeping our freedom.
As Montanans we enjoy the freedom to hunt, fish and have access to public lands for enjoyment. The Holden ranch has been part of the Montana Block Management program since 1991. Ric & Jan have always allowed public hunting and fishing on their Yellowstone River-bottom land.

Republican for US Congress 

Eastern Montana 2nd Congressional District

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